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Common Salmon Cooking Mistakes to Avoid

Common Salmon Cooking Mistakes to Avoid
Common Salmon Cooking Mistakes to Avoid

Common Salmon Cooking Mistakes to Avoid.  Salmon is perhaps one of the world’s most succulent and popular seafood. While it is naturally an oily type of fish, it is considered to be extremely healthy for the human body for many different reasons. Not only is it an excellent protein source, but it is also rich in important Vitamin D and Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Also it is considered to be great for those suffering from high cholesterol because it is one of the best sources of good cholesterol today.

While I know many people out there are under the impression that cooking salmon is very easy, that could not be further from the truth. The truth is that salmon is actually pretty difficult to cook and there are many people out there that tend to make a bunch of mistakes during the cooking process. In this post you will find some of the most common salmon cooking mistakes to avoid so you can prepare that salmon dish you have always envisioned.

Mistake #1: Yanking Out the Pin Bones

While it is certainly true that you should remove the pin bones of the salmon, you should do it carefully and gracefully to avoid making any mistakes. Yanking out these bones will only rip apart the delicate flesh of the salmon which will not give it that appealing and tasty look that you are going for.
I highly recommend using a pair of tweezers to remove the bones. When you do this remember to carefully pull out the bones in the same direction to which the pin bones are facing. This method will help keep your salmon intact.

Mistake #2: Ripping Off the Skin

This is one of the most common mistakes people tend to make when cooking salmon, especially first timers. This is one mistake that you should definitely avoid making. My advice is to keep the skin of the salmon on your fish as it will provide a safe layer between the salmon and your searing hot pan or grill. I also recommend cooking your salmon with the skin side down first to give the skin a chance to crisp up. Once your salmon is fully cooked and crispy, then remove the skin.

Mistake #3: Poaching Your Salmon in Plain Water

When you are poaching your salmon, you should never do so in plain water. All that will accomplish is giving you a piece of salmon that is bland in taste. At least spice of the water with a touch of lemon juice or pineapples to give your salmon some added flavor. For the best results poach your salmon in some dry white wine.

Mistake #4: Cooking Your Salmon until It Flakes

This is another of the most common cooking mistakes people tend to make when preparing salmon. This mistakes often results in salmon being overcooked which then most people tend to chuck into the trash.
If you are pan searing your salmon I highly recommend that you do so only until the skin begins to turn crispy and then flipping it and allowing it to cook over low heat. You will know that your salmon is cooked to perfection the moment its sections begin to give way. The flaking of your salmon only means that you have overcooked it and now have a dry piece of salmon fillet on your hands. Nobody wants that.

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