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Time to get into brassicas-healthy eating


Time to get into brassicas

Packed with vitamins and minerals, brassicas are absolute powerhouses of health

Time to get into brassicas
Time to get into brassicas

Fantastic with Asian favours, try parboiling broccoli, then tossing it with sesame seeds, fresh chilli and
sliced garlic in a wok for a couple of minutes. Serve with grilled salmon or Asian-style pork.

We have a theory that people hate Brussels sprouts because they’re usually overcooked. Don’t cut crosses in them; as it makes them soggy, and only steam for a couple of minutes before tossing in a hot frying pan with a knob of butter or olive oil, some lemon zest and crispy pancetta. Delicious!

Not just for cauliflower cheese! Cauliflower is a great vegetable for vegetarian curries as it doesn’t fall apart
too easily, and its delicate flavour is an excellent carrier of herbs and spices. It’s also great steamed, then tossed
with fresh herbs, spring onions and vinaigrette as a salad for a buffet – it won’t wilt in the dressing, like
lettuce does.

Kale is a perfect accompaniment for strongly flavoured foods, such as chorizo sausage or curries. Its tart
flavour and robust texture cuts through the richness, and the vibrant green colour also makes dishes look really
beautiful – an extra bonus!

No longer the stuff of schoolchildren’s nightmares, Savoy cabbage is beautiful simply steamed, but really it comes into its own when sauteed in butter, with a good grating of nutmeg, and even a small splash of half-fat creme fraiche.  Just perfect for a Sunday roast!


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